About us

Yooj recipes is a delicately selected collection of Middle Eastern food recipes. We aim to introduce food lovers to the Middle Eastern cuisine by providing easy to use and tasty recipes.

Most, if not all, recipes you will find at Yooj are traditional ones. You will find that there are many different ways of making any of these renowned dishes. The details of the ingredients and methods of cooking can differ from region to region, but also from family to family; from house to house.

We at Yooj pick recipes from all around the web, we try them out and then we share the ones we like most with our readers. Our selection of recipes is in a sense arbitrary; we share with you whatever excites our taste buds!

At Yooj we believe that food is more than nutrition. Knowing how to cook another culture’s dishes gives you the opportunity to discover a culture through its food. Join us and become acquainted with the use of different ingredients, spices, and cooking methods, know on what occasions certain foods are eaten and in combination with which side dishes and drinks, and then share the culinary Middle Eastern experience with your family and friends.


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