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Kibbeh Labanieh (Meat Croquettes in Yoghurt)!

Kibbeh Labanieh Meat Croquettes in Yoghurt Kibbeh Labanieh is like most other Kibbeh dishes, this is a recipe involving a delicate mixture of Habra (lean meat paste) and burgher wheat. The Kibbeh torpedoes or balls are boiled in yoghurt. Boiled yoghurt is common in the Middle East, it is done to create Shakriyeh and Sheikh al-Mahshi, and of course there is […] Continue reading

Shorbat Adas (Lentil Soup)

Shorbat Adas Lentil Soup Lentil soup is the most traditional and popular soup in the Levant. During winter time, many families still start every dinner with a bowl of warming lentil soup. During Ramadan (regardless of the season it falls in) it is a favourite way to break the fast. Lentil soup can be made using brown or red […] Continue reading

Kibbeh Nayyeh (Levantine Tartare)

Kibbeh Nayyeh Levantine Tartare Kibbeh Nayyeh is a raw lamb dish frequently served as part of a mazza in the Levant, garnished with mint leaves, walnuts, and olive oil. It’s normally eaten with a fork (not with flatbread, as you might expect!) and often a glass of Arak is enjoyed with it. Continue reading

Kibbeh Bil Saniyyeh (Layered Meat Pie)

Kibbeh Bil Saniyyeh-Layered-Meat Pie Kibbeh Bil Saniyyeh means ‘kibbeh in a tray’ and is one of the easiest kibbeh dishes to make, yet full of kibbeh's delicious nutty flavour. In the Middle East, it is served as a main meal with lentil soup or it’s eaten with Arabic flatbread and a salad, the kibbeh pie then being garnished with […] Continue reading

Kibbeh (Fried Meat Croquettes)

Kibbeh Fried Meat Croquettes Kibbeh is a levantine dish made of bulghur, minced onions and ground red meat. The recipe below shows you how to make the best-known variety:  a torpedo-shaped fried croquette stuffed with minced beef or lamb. There are however many different varieties of kibbeh dishes, each region or city often has its own famous kibbeh recipe. […] Continue reading

Habra (Lean Meat Paste for Kibbeh)

Habra (Lean Meat Paste for Kibbeh) The base of all nearly all kibbeh recipes is Habra, a fat-free meat paste. Traditionally Habra is made using the mortar and pestle, a time consuming process, so sometimes all women of a family or village would work together in making a large batch. Nowadays Habra can easily be made at home using a food-processor Continue reading

Tamar Hindi (Tamarind Drink)

Tamar Hindi (Tamarind Drink) Tamar Hindi was the name given to the tamarind fruit by Arabs, the name literally translates to ‘Indian dates’. Tamarind fruit is a seed pod, brown or black in colour and few inches long. It can be found in most Indian and Middle Eastern grocery stores. It is used in Indian chutney and curries, as […] Continue reading

Qamar al-Din (Apricot Drink)

Qamar-al-Din Apricot Drink Qamar al-Din, roughly translated as "moon of religion" is a juice made from apricot fruit leathers. A substantial yet vitamin-filled beverage, it is a hugely popular way to break the fast during Ramadan. The main ingredient in Qamar al Din is sun-dried apricots that have been cooked down into sticky fruit leathers. The fruit leathers […] Continue reading

Stuffed courgette yoghurt stew recipe (Sheikh al-Mahshi)

Sheikh al-Mahshi stuffed courgette Courgettes (also known as zucchini, baby marrow, or baby squash) are beautifully tender vegetables with a fresh, delicate flavour. For this recipe you will want to use the small, slightly bulbous, pale green variety often sold as Lebanese courgette, or Mexican grey zucchini in the US. Look for firm, heavy-feeling courgettes with unblemished bright and glossy skins. In this stuffed […] Continue reading

Shakriyeh (yoghurt stew recipe)

Shakriyeh yoghurt stew The people of the Middle East love their yoghurt. A bowl of yoghurt is often on the table as a side dish at dinner, and at breakfast and supper labaneh yoghurt cheese is never missing. Shakriyeh is a dish in which the yoghurt is boiled with meat to make a tasty yoghurt stew. To Westerners […] Continue reading